Download all pictures at once from dropbox to your android phone

Recently I accidentally deleted all of my camera pictures on my Android phone. My only option to restore all of the pictures and videos was from dropbox. I was going to restore over 300 files and dropbox has only option to offer and that is “export one file at a time”. There wasn’t any option to multiselect and download many files at once or download the entire folder.  (more…)

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Create your own job portal in few minutes with these wordpress plugins

If you are looking to build your own job portal or need a new section on your website where you can publish jobs and let job seekers apply for job online then here in this article you will find some easy to use job board plugins. These plugins will turn your standard wordpress website into a job portal with a very little effort. The employment plugins featured in this post have different features so you need to look through the features and demos in details before selecting any of these plugins for your website. (more…)

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