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Mobile theme Plugin wordpressTalking about web design trends we also need to observe how the technology is evolving. As we see new trends in web field we also are seeing lots of changes in devices site viewers use. In previous years use of smartphones and touch devices has massively increased which means your site is not rarely being viewed on these devices but its now quite frequently being viewed on smart phones and touch pads.

Thats why I have also installed a mobile theme for my site so every time someone opens this site using mobile browser or touch pads a new theme will get loaded which will run faster on those devices as compared to this one and also fits well on screen.

At first I decided to use the jQuery Mobile theme offered free by here. But it was having few technical difficulties and was not loading on Iphone so I decided to use iWPhone theme.

First I installed the iWphone plugin which detects the browser and if it is Iphone or Ipod touch browser it automatically reformates the blog and loads the mobile theme.

After installing the plugin I installed the theme from iWphone and thats it. I checked the site on iPhone and the new theme was loading very smoothly and looked nice as well. Google ads were also displaying without messing the design which is a good thing.

You can download iWphone theme and plugin from there website.

7 thoughts on “Make your wordpress site mobile ready

  1. Thanks… After visiting ur post , i searched about this in joomla extension gallary and managed to find a awesome Plugin+Component . Its . Not only iphone, it works on all mobile platform . It has a very strong useragent detection capability. And i don’t need to install any mobile template manually. It will do it for me automatically. I will soon install the plugin . But before that i should upgrade my MySQL.
    Thanks. I post it here cause it may help any of your future readers.

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