3D Man Character Wallpapers & Stock Photos FREE

This 3D character man might not have any specific name but it is very useful and very popular. You will find many variations of this guy by different designers with lots of different objects and in many different styles & positions. You can find 1 or 2 images of this 3d character fit for your website or design easily.

NOTE :: The links of images I previously had in this post were supposed to be from a stock images website as notified by Glen Allsopp in comments. I didn’t knew that these were uploaded illegally so to be on safe side I have removed these images and I will post 3D character images which are really free as soon as possible.

To start with I am posting few images for sxc.hu website and these are for free but you will have to register on their site to download and I will keep updating this post time to time.

3D Character white money

3d character white guy coins

3d white guy

3d white men coins

3D character white free gold coins

3D character love

3d love guy girl

3d puzzle cart man

3d people community

3d people

3d people circle

3d guy freedom

3d man protest strike

3d concept business man

3d people concept fire

3d guy manager

3d people puzzle world

3D concept puzzle people

3d character holding hand

3d man love valentine

3d man woman love heart

5 thoughts on “3D Man Character Wallpapers & Stock Photos FREE

      1. Oh.. I didn’t knew that these are from istockphoto,these are featured on many blogs. I will look through and will replace with some free stock images. Thanks for letting me know.

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